Your Primary IP address is
your Primary IP type is ipv4
Your reverse dns hostname is
You seem to be connecting from Ashburn, Virginia, United States 20147  
your ISP is Inc.
You are connecting through a proxy or anon residential IP

You do not have a Secondary IP or Connection


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Your IPv6/v4 connectivity to rest of world.

IPv6 Connection IPv4 Connection
No Connection Your Location

DNS Server type ->Dual StackIPV6 OnlyIPV4 Only
A Record Lookup
AAAA Record Lookup


We provide a complete solution to check your IPV6 readiness and troubleshoot IPV6 and Dual Stack Issues.

There are a series of tests available with the following mechanisms.

Ipv6 and Ipv4 Connectivity tests. We have IPV4 only and IPV6 only web servers, if your browser is able to reach them we determine that you have that connectivity.

DNS configuration check is a complete test of all kinds of possible configurations which are needed to ensure dual stack connections. We have three domains placed on dual stack dns server, single stack ipv6 dns server and single stack ipv4 dns servers. If your browser is able to reach these sites it validates that your dns resolvers can resolve all three kinds of dns servers. Often time though you have ipv4 and ipv6 connections your resolver may be ipv4 only.

We use api services to get other details about the IP, which may not be totally accurate and just provides an idea about the latest IP registration.

Shields up is a open source utility to give you a sense of open ports on your ipv6 stack.

Speed Test sends and receives garbage data to the selected global location and measures the speed based on that.

Ping Test launches a simultaneous linux ping from global locations to the Ipv4 and Ipv6 detected for your connection and displays the results.

Traceroute is similar to ping but displays a traceroute.

Website Fetch fetches the specified website from global locations and shows the fetched html, this way you can verify if the site is reachable from ipv6 connections.